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Avery Dey Interview

AD:  Thank you for your time, How are you?

Sulpacio: Well it’s my pleasure and I’m good, thank you.

AD:  So tell me how did you start?

Sulpacio:  I actually started some years ago in song writing.  That was actually my bigger passion.  I was into acting a little bit and I was on set when a friend of mine, a fellow actor, started singing and we started harmonizing.  I said “We should start a group” and she said “Yeah, let’s start a group”…just like that. That ended up being this cute little duo and then over time that morphed into us getting a deal with Tracey Edmonds.  We started our working on a record and that didn’t really work out, after which I focused back on song writing.  I started writing songs, getting with producers and trying to get songs placed.  I decided to go back to the artist side and took 6 songs that I didn’t necessarily write for myself but said “this will work”, I put them on Band Camp and now here I am talking to you.  (laughs).  It was truly organic.  I put the music out there and a headshot and the music sold itself.

AD:  How long have you been in the music industry?

Sulpacio:  I’d say 6 years or so, off and on. I did some background and demo stuff for people but so maybe a little longer.

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