Sulpacio Jones



Q&A with The Dutch Guy

I know I’m gonna get me some hate for what I’m about to say. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still dig todays sound. But you simply can’t deny the old school flavours that makes this sister’s jams rich, fresh and stand out! Easily comparable to greats like Mary J[…]

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Sulpacio Jones Highlights

(2013)  Self titled debut EP named “Best Soul Set of the year” by Soul Brothers Records (London) (2013)  Self titled debut EP reached Top 5 on the Top 30 UK Soul Chart (2014)  “Should I Stay” (Sulpacio Jones EP) and “Should I Stay Remixx” (Heat By Shay Vol One)   both[…]

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Avery Dey Interview

AD:  Thank you for your time, How are you? Sulpacio: Well it’s my pleasure and I’m good, thank you. AD:  So tell me how did you start? Sulpacio:  I actually started some years ago in song writing.  That was actually my bigger passion.  I was into acting a little bit[…]

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