Sulpacio Jones

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Sulpacio Jones Highlights

(2013)  Self titled debut EP named “Best Soul Set of the year” by Soul Brothers Records (London)
(2013)  Self titled debut EP reached Top 5 on the Top 30 UK Soul Chart
(2014)  “Should I Stay” (Sulpacio Jones EP) and “Should I Stay Remixx” (Heat By Shay Vol One)   both reach  #1 on the Independent Chart Show (London UK )
(2014)  Sulpacio Voted “Best Newcomer” by fans and Colourful Radio’s DJ Sly (London UK)
(2014) Songs from Sulpacio currently reach the playlists of DJ’s worldwide including, London, Japan, Denmark, Nigeria, Brazil and Spain.
(2015) “Anotha Lover”, single from “Live, Love, Fly High” (June 2015 release) reached the top 15 on the Top 30 UK Soul Chart and also remained on the “Top 20 Independent Chart Show” for more than 20 weeks
(2015) Sulpacio Jones Pandora channel launches

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